My name is JJ Soderling and I build enterprise-level, mobile-first websites, pages, and interfaces using a variety of tools; including: Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and WordPress. You will find my latest front-end designs below.
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“Somewhere between design — a world of personas, pixels, and polish — and engineering — a world of logic, loops, and linux — lies frontend design. Frontend design involves creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up a user interface.”

- Brad Frost

Busy Bee Marketing

This site was created for an SEO marketing company based in Dallas. A lot of interesting angles and 3D-like elements went into the making of this landing page. Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and jQuery make up the majority of this build.

International House of Dub

This is a site for a podcast that specializes in music from around the world. Build with Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS... it's a lean version of the artist template found below.

Touring Artist Profile Template

I created this template to promote my many music projects. Minimalistic styling and modern animated hover effects bring this Bootstrap template to life.


A menu-driven, photography site created with Bootstrap 4, HTML, and CSS. Clean lines and contrast are at the front of this design. It's well suited for any subscription-based business.

Bootstrap Cats

A testament to the power of Flexbox, this blog template is made using Bootstrap 4 classes, without any additional css. It also features photos of some of my fuzziest friends.


Over 10 years experience designing user interfaces. My preferred tools are Adobe Experience Designer and Photoshop.


Agile development using different frameworks and code bases. Proficient with Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and WordPress.


I guarantee my work long after your site is built. I can also update and maintain your existing site, as needed.